aka “The Electric Poet” / “Grand Master P”


Born in Budapest, George Pereny escaped from Hungary during the 1956 Revolution, and his life has been a captivating journey ever since. For three decades, he illuminated young minds as an English teacher in the vibrant Bronx, spending an additional five years in the bustling inner cities of Jersey City, Paterson, and Passaic.

Pereny’s passion for writing was nurtured by esteemed mentors like Charles Angoff, Jim Klein, Michael O’Brien, and Robert Quatrone, all hailing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. This foundation paved the way for his literary achievements, with his works gracing the pages of prestigious publications such as The English Journal, The Aquarian, and acclaimed martial arts magazines. His exceptional talent has garnered nominations for the revered Pushcart and Editor’s Choice prizes, while his poetic prowess has been featured in four distinguished anthologies. Furthermore, World of Poetry bestowed upon him two Honorable Mention prizes, a testament to his poetic mastery.

   In 1975, Pereny stood proudly as one of the original poets contributing to Lunch, a captivating literary and art magazine. Two years later, he embarked on a new venture, founding Footwork, a literary publication that ultimately evolved into the renowned Paterson Literary Review. Not one to rest on his laurels, Pereny assumed the role of editor for The Local Paper in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, in 1980, further solidifying his position in the literary world.

With an impressive repertoire of published works, Pereny’s literary prowess spans various genres. He has penned several volumes of poetry, a captivating children’s book, a mesmerizing screenplay, a compelling autobiography, gripping fiction, insightful articles, and enchanting songs. His works have been embraced by the literary community, appearing in over two hundred anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and online platforms.



   Not limited to the realm of words, Pereny’s artistic talents extend to the realm of music. A songwriter and musician since his formative years, he found himself under the guidance of Carl “Tinker” West, who managed the legendary Bruce Springsteen during his early career. During his college years, Pereny forged a deep bond with Gerry Goffin, one half of the iconic songwriting duo Goffin/Carole King. Through this connection, he became acquainted with another luminary of American songwriting, Barry Mann. Pereny’s rhythmic skills even led him to play the drums for renowned artists such as Gary US Bonds, while his encounters included the likes of Vanilla Fudge, Alvin Lee, Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles, Bob Dylan, Laura Niro, Rashan Roland Kirk, and Every Mother’s Son.

The interaction with these legends culminated with a dinner with Little Richard, which he chronicled as an interview published by two New Jersey papers, The iconic Aquarian, and The Local Paper, both in 1981.

In 1990, Pereny teamed up with multi-talented musician/producer Lou Leo with whom he wrote the twelve CD’s featured on this website (under the “music” tab) and also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and many similar platforms. Several songs from the collection have received airplay on a few metropolitan radio stations and have been recorded by several artists.

The allure of Pereny’s musical creations has spread far and wide, with twelve captivating albums available for worldwide download on platforms like YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. His soul-stirring melodies have graced the airwaves of four local radio stations, including the renowned Notably, several esteemed artists have paid tribute to Pereny’s songwriting talents by recording his mesmerizing compositions.

   Over the years, Pereny has shared his poetic verses and captivating songs with audiences across the metropolitan area, captivating listeners in an array of venues, from clubs and libraries to coffee houses, hospitals, prisons, soup kitchens, churches, bookstores, farms, festivals, street fairs, and schools. Notably, his band, The Electric Poet Gathering, delivered an awe-inspiring twenty-one shows at New York’s esteemed Bowery Poetry Club between 2004 and 2012.

In 1987, the vibrant atmosphere of The Fox’s Lair in Hackensack became the backdrop for George Pereny’s captivating open mic hosting. From 1992 to 1995, Pereny’s visionary spirit led him to establish and helm an immensely successful open mic event in New Jersey.

   Pereny’s artistic endeavors have not gone unnoticed by the highest authorities. His groundbreaking rock opera, Rosza, inspired by the Rosary, earned him an extraordinary Apostolic Blessing and Endorsement from the Vatican. This profound recognition is a testament to the depth and significance of Pereny’s musical creation. Additionally, his talent as a songwriter has garnered him two esteemed songwriting grants from the prestigious ASCAP, an organization to which he proudly belongs.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Pereny’s dedication to martial arts has been a constant thread in his life for over four decades. An accomplished practitioner, he has honed his skills and wisdom, sharing his expertise with high schools and colleges for more than thirty years. Pereny’s passion for martial arts resonates through his teachings, leaving a lasting impact on generations of eager learners.